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Price Checker

An integrated android application to check product
priceby the customer their own

Our price checker application is integrated with our Business Expert ERP. Simply scan and get the product’s price direct from database. The devices display an ongoing discount on the product. It is also display product if any deals and offers available with other picture. The device also compare product’s price with the price available in the market for same product.

Easy to Scan

Simply place the barcode on the item underneath the price checker displaying red light to scan.

Compare Market Price

Gives you market price comparison if available for the scanned item.

Attractive Screen Design

Different from traditional price checkers. The screen displays scanned product image, barcode, name, weight, deal, offer and discount in one screen.

Discount and Offers

The device also display discount, deal, offer or any ongoing promotion against the product if available.

Source of Information

Device can also be used as alternate source to display running deals and promotions while device is not busy in scanning product.

Communication With Customer

Device can also be used as a source of communication with customers in form of running promotional videos and still slides.

Features Of Price

Benefits Of Price

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